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Truthfully, Heather was more wonderful than I ever expected… she turned out to be much more than just a sleep coach. She helped me get through one of the darkest times of my life… (like a therapist and friend combined). I am SO grateful for all of the advice, support, reassurance and encouragement she provided… and can’t imagine having gotten through this without her help.

Natalia M – Shane 5 months; Arlington, VA

Heather has been SUCH a gift to us as new parents. Her knowledge and gentle coaching has given us the confidence and understanding to help us teach our baby how to sleep, and the reassurance that we are doing a good thing for our baby (and us!). Her patience and non-judgmental approach made us feel so comfortable to be open and work together. We feel much more in control and understand our son so much better. We are forever grateful! Heather, YOU are the soothing angel!

Julie & Dave S. – Ewan 5 months; Edmonton, AB

After a full year of our baby waking every 30 min, we didn’t think there was a chance that it would ever get better. After a week with Heather, I am proud to say that our little girl is sleeping through the night!  Thank you, Heather, for your encouragement, support and knowledge.  You turned the impossible into the POSSIBLE. What a refreshing feeling!!!

Chandra & Dion – Saydie, 1 year; Fort McMurray, AB

While our baby was a terrible sleeper from birth, I was reluctant to try sleep training out of fear it would harm her.  As a result, I suffered from 9 months of severe sleep deprivation to the point where it was affecting my mental, emotional, and physical health.  I was also worried our baby’s lack of sleep was going to affect her development.  I had read endless books on baby sleep methods but still didn’t feel I had a concrete plan specific to our baby’s needs.  We finally made the decision to hire Heather and it was the best decision we could have made for our family.  Heather met our baby, helped us understand her personality, and worked with us to find the right combination of methods that worked for her (and for us).  She was very open to working with whatever approach we felt comfortable with.  It took a lot of hard work and consistency on our part, and although we were a tougher case, Heather stood by us every step of the way and went above and beyond to make sure we were seeing the results we hoped for.  Our baby is now consistently sleeping through the night, and I actually feel like a normal, functioning person again.  My only wish is that we would have hired Heather much sooner!  Thank you for all of your support, Heather! We couldn’t have done this without you!

Kelly & Adrian – Isla 9 months; Edmonton, AB

We had read so much about sleep and tried sleep coaching before we started working with Heather. We were confused and tired. Right from the start the information that she gave us helped to set the stage for what we were trying to accomplish and she helped us to understand our baby’s behavior. When we were ready to start coaching we understood what we were doing and we felt confident and peaceful about it. Our little guy didn’t respond the way we expected – the first week was relatively easy and it took over two weeks before he started showing resistance. Even then, Heather was able to explain what was happening and reassure us that we were on the right track. She even gave us the tools to handle upcoming challenges and milestones. Our little guy is now showing huge improvement in his sleep and is even napping more easily during the day which is a huge relief! Our perspective on sleep has completely changed since working with Heather – we are able to deal with whatever comes and we’re slowing catching up on the sleep we’ve missed for the last 8 months!

Christine & Dan – Aiden 8months; Edmonton, AB

Just wanted to send a little picture and say a big thank you for all of your help. The skills you have taught us have impacted our lives in so many ways!! We are very thankful.

Kayla S – Jake 7 months; Ft. McMurray, AB

It was only when I had my baby that I realized how important sleep is. … We had a tired baby who was regularly hysterical when put down for naps; it was sad to have a cranky and tired baby all day long and it didn’t seem right. As a result I was miserable.  After reading several sleep books filled with so much information, some of it contradictory and confusing, I felt even worse. I wanted to know what my alert son needed to become a good sleeper, not what a textbook baby needed. Heather was our last hope. We were educated with direct information about how babies sleep, and we were provided with encouragement and hope. I was not convinced that my alert son would ever nap without a fight until I consistently followed a sleep method with Heather’s support. Heather provided the support and knowledge to guide my husband and me in the right direction to give our son the gift of sleep. Heather’s follow-up phone calls were just what I needed to keep me going. Thanks to this process we have an alert son who can fall asleep on his own without a constant fight. Thank you, Heather, for helping with the impossible.

Nancy & Corey D – Eli 4months; Edmonton, AB

Heather gave me SO MUCH amazing & much needed support during our sleep coaching process. She helped shed light on issues regarding my well-being that I couldn’t see due to extreme exhaustion & offered great strategies & resources to help. She’s a wonderful listener & was always encouraging even when little bumps in the road came along. I truly feel that because Heather is also a mother, it makes her that much more understanding to how those long sleepless nights feel. Her kindness & compassion for the well being of others is beyond remarkable. I’m so, so, so very thankful I met Heather, I don’t even have the words to express my gratitude!!! Thank you again!

Carmen B., Shepard 10months; Edmonton, AB

Thank you so much for all of this, but thank you ESPECIALLY for the way in which you have supported me. It wasn’t easy but you helped me through the tougher moments, even when I felt like giving up. You have been so easy to talk to and non-judgemental. Giving me confidence and reassurance was probably the most valuable part of this for me. Its easy to give a handout and some information, but you gave your understanding and guidance… like a true coach!

Lena M, Lily 2.5yr & Oliver 6 months; Edmonton, AB

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