Nancy & Corey D – Eli 4months; Edmonton, AB

It was only when I had my baby that I realized how important sleep is. … We had a tired baby who was regularly hysterical when put down for naps; it was sad to have a cranky and tired baby all day long and it didn’t seem right. As a result I was miserable.  After reading several sleep books filled with so much information, some of it contradictory and confusing, I felt even worse. I wanted to know what my alert son needed to become a good sleeper, not what a textbook baby needed. Heather was our last hope. We were educated with direct information about how babies sleep, and we were provided with encouragement and hope. I was not convinced that my alert son would ever nap without a fight until I consistently followed a sleep method with Heather’s support. Heather provided the support and knowledge to guide my husband and me in the right direction to give our son the gift of sleep. Heather’s follow-up phone calls were just what I needed to keep me going. Thanks to this process we have an alert son who can fall asleep on his own without a constant fight. Thank you, Heather, for helping with the impossible.