Christine & Dan – Aiden 8months; Edmonton, AB

We had read so much about sleep and tried sleep coaching before we started working with Heather. We were confused and tired. Right from the start the information that she gave us helped to set the stage for what we were trying to accomplish and she helped us to understand our baby’s behavior. When we were ready to start coaching we understood what we were doing and we felt confident and peaceful about it. Our little guy didn’t respond the way we expected – the first week was relatively easy and it took over two weeks before he started showing resistance. Even then, Heather was able to explain what was happening and reassure us that we were on the right track. She even gave us the tools to handle upcoming challenges and milestones. Our little guy is now showing huge improvement in his sleep and is even napping more easily during the day which is a huge relief! Our perspective on sleep has completely changed since working with Heather – we are able to deal with whatever comes and we’re slowing catching up on the sleep we’ve missed for the last 8 months!