Crib Notes

Crib Notes – Fall 2017

After a wonderful summer vacation without schedules it is now time to get back into the swing of things.  To some little ones this can be a tough transition and to many parents a very stressful one as well. Here are some great tips to help make it easier on everyone!

Getting back into routine:

Having a great bedtime routine is very important and the first step. This helps your little angel to accept the feeling of being sleepy, helps you to learn the best timing for sleep and it is also where your angel can have wonderful bonding time with you.  It only takes three days to break a crutch and three days to introduce a new one, so watch all that you are doing as you teach your little angel to fall asleep without needing you to do anything.  You can reintroduce the method that you used before, to get back on track, or use a new method that you find best fits your comfort level and parenting style.  Be consistent!

Time Change:

With fall time change approaching here are some ways to help:

  • Start two weeks before the time change
  • Push bed time later by 15 minutes and then wake-up time as well. You are flirting with that dreaded 2nd wind – put down sooner, if needed. Do this until this new time is set (usually 3-4 days for each adjustment) and then repeat until you have moved bedtime to the time that you wish it to be and the morning wake-up time and naptime have shifted as well.
  • Some children may be able to shift their times quicker, if this is the case you can do 30 minutes later until the new time is set and then repeat.

Tips & Tricks:                                 

Here are some of my top tips and tricks that my clients have found helpful!

  • Motion sleep: driving in a car, walking in a stroller, or baby wearing as you walk keeps a child from getting into their deep sleep; therefore, it is a lesser quality and less restorative sleep
  • Turning  off the swing for a baby, after she has fallen asleep, so she is no longer having motion sleep, this will enable a more restorative rest.
  • Dark sleeping space: blackout blinds and no lights in the room help to eliminate stimulation and shut the world off

Soothing Angels offers some great packages if you have a few questions that you need to ask or some quick help getting back on track!

Call us today to have everyone sleeping well tonight!

Sweet Dreams!