I am available to help GENTLY shape your child’s sleep habits, create positive sleep associations, and encourage independent sleep.

We will do this with a method that fits your parenting style, your child’s temperament, and considers your goals without judgement.

Consultation Services

  1. I will share with you sleep science education to help you understand how all of the ‘pieces’ of your day fit together; like a puzzle.
  2. I will then explain all things that do influence sleep and help you to filter through the myths out there: we will discuss travel, illness, milestones, and teething.
  3. You will learn how to create the best environment for your angel’s sleep.
  4. Next, I will describe all of the sleep coaching methods available so that you can decide which method is the best fit for your comfort level and what works with your child’s temperament.
  5. Finally, we will discuss how to improve Mom and Dad’s sleep and how important your health is with tips for improving your quality of sleep.

Types of Services

  • A review of your case history form
  • 1.5 hour consultation via phone or Skype
  • Tools to help GRADUALLY introduce independent sleep skills
  • An understanding of sleepy cues and awake windows – how to read these to get the best quality and quantity of sleep
  • Learning how to create positive associations with sleep
  • Creating a wonderful sleep environment in your nursery
  • A gentle plan to lengthen your baby’s night sleep
  • “Expectations” handouts to have for reference as your baby grows
  • A review of your case history
  • 2 hour personal consult to discuss your child’s specific sleep issues
  • Sleep basics education and success tips
  • Tips to wean night feeds
  • Assistance with naps – lengthen and timing
  • Help for keeping toddlers in their own bed – ALL night
  • Education on all methods available and discussion of what is the best fit for your parenting style, your angel’s personality, and your comfort level
  • Understanding what motivates your child, what your child is looking for, and how to reassure your child through change and frustration
  • Many handouts for reference as you are working through the process
  • Very important tips to improve Mom/Dad’s sleep and health
  • A customized and detailed plan to help your child go to sleep, stay asleep, and stay in their own bed all night – that YOU are comfortable with
Soothing Angels will come to your group and do a sleep workshop.  The workshops can be tailored to your group and the time available: from short information sessions to full consult-type workshops.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.  780-686-2753
Soothing Angels will come to your home and do a group consult for you and 2-4 of your closest friends who need help with sleep.  Everyone will go home with a sleep plan to get their child (and themselves) sleeping through the night.  The support calls will help them all get the results that they are dreaming of!
Host receives the package for $300
Each additional family receives the package for $350

Q & A Support Calls:

  1. Quick questions can be answered in 15min are $30
  2. For those who have attended group meetings and wish to work out a complete sleep plan; we can complete the sleep plan, usually, with a 1hr conversation.  These calls are $120/hr
  3. Each additional support call to add to your consult package is $25/15min or 4x15min/$100

You will get tips for soothing a passionate baby when she/he is determined to resist the new routine.   You can learn how to reduce or eliminate the night feeds *(age appropriate) so your little angel will begin to sleep through the night and eat more heartily during the day.  There are also many added tips and suggestions for helping if you have a curious, determined, spirited, or brilliant/GIFTED child.  (This is important because these amazing children need some extra assistance to shut off the world and learn the skill of independent sleep).  You will also gain confidence as you will learn what to expect and how to respond with CONSISTENCY.

You do NOT have to  leave your little angel to cry it out alone; rather – REASSURING your angel that you are nearby and ENCOURAGING their independence.  You will be the coach: teaching your little angels a new skill, encouraging and cheering them on, but staying on the bench and allowing them to do it on their own.

Sleep Consulting Packages

Children Consult Only – via Skype or telephone
1 $300
2 $350
Children Consult with 4 Support Calls – via Skype or telephone
1 $400
2 $500
Children DELUXE – In Home* Consult with 6 Support Calls
1 $600
2 $700
* within 50 km of Soothing Angels office near Stony Plain or additional travel charges may apply

Additional support/Q&A calls ~ 15min – $30  OR ~ 4x15min – $120

Support Calls

I will call in the morning to hear how the night went and offer tips to improve the details.  I will offer support, reminders, guidance, and problem solve.

Support calls are important for helping you to get off to a great start and encouraging you through the process.  These calls are important to help you get the results that you are dreaming of.

These calls will be approximately 20 min or 2 emails will equal 1 call.

I always offer you choices and recommend a loving, personalized plan that you are comfortable with.

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