Soothing Spaces

Make A Wish Foundation Soothing Angels Support

Proud supporter of the make-a-wish foundation by creating Soothing Spaces for sick kids.

Heather designs rooms, unique for each child’s wish, to give each special child the room of his/her dreams. Heather and her team  create a Soothing Space where the child can escape the world of hospitals and treatments and enjoy being a kid.

Heather and her family rallied the community to create a Soothing Space for a classmate of her daughter. This room was designed with the theme of Call of Duty.  Dane also wishes to be a firefighter when he grows up and the local fire department was on hand to show Dane his own fire fighter jacket and helmet.  It was an incredible experience to gather schoolmates and the local Fire Department to present this room to Dane. Read the full article on the Spruce Grove Examiner.

Justin is a terrific kid who loves Fast & Furious and the Oilers!  We designed a great room for him to play the Fast & Furious game, watch the movie, and watch the Oilers play.  He was so excited to see his room and enjoys most of every day in it.

This Soothing Space is a special room is for Aidan.  He is a special 5yr old boy who loves Thomas the Train.  The excitement in his eyes was clear as he entered the room and saw the designs.  We have heard that he spends endless hours playing with the trains and watching his videos.

Truthfully, Heather was more wonderful than I ever expected… she turned out to be much more than just a sleep coach. She helped me get through one of the darkest times of my life… (like a therapist and friend combined). I am SO grateful for all of the advice, support, reassurance and encouragement she provided… and can’t imagine having gotten through this without her help.

Natalia M – Shane 5 months; Arlington, VA